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We are here to help raise money through donations for those families that took in and cared for unwanted cats or dogs and are in need of some help with unexpected Vet Bills, that is paid directly to the animal clinic.

Your donations helped

Bleu (dog's name), needed your help to save Bleus life as this family depends her everyday, for the only entertainment these kids have and were hoping your help would save Bleu to have a life saving operation.

This single mother working full time making only enough to support herself and 2 children on minimum wage, has tried everything she could to help her son.

This mother of 2 is also very proud, but would do anything for her kid's happiness and begged for your help, to help save her kid's best friend.

Thanks for your support; Melissa

Melissa Dog
Jace and his cat Mr. skins

Thanks for your help!

Jace, who has Autism, needed your help to save his best friend "Mr. Skins" that Jace depends on everyday, that needed a life saving operation.

His mother, a single mother working full time making only enough to support her son and herself on minimum wage, tried everything she could to help her son.

Nyshal is very proud, but would do anything for her son's happiness and is begged for your help, to help save her son's best friend.

The operation took place on a Friday, and with full payment required Jace was able to have his best friend saved.

Thanks!, Nyshal Theroux

Help Our Veterinarian's

With your support of a donation we are able to fund the care needed to get our much loved pets the proper care they are desperately needed.

veterenarian with dog

Your Donation Helps!

These are some of the people who have made donation.

We were happy to donate

Mother and daughter

We donated

Morther and sons

I was helped through donation's made for my son's cat and I now donate what I can to help other pets.

Nyshall and friend

Happy to donate

For my son

We were happy to donate

Aunty Sherrie

More than happy to make a donation

Garth Bendig

Glad to help!


Made our day to help!


We were all happy to help

Kim Roy

Happy to donate


Puppy Born Without Front Legs

Every pet wants a chance to live and be happy in a forever home.
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